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A glass of sparkling French 75 cocktail with a lemon twist garnish.

What Is a French 75 Cocktail? History, Recipes & Variations 

The French 75 cocktail, bearing a name inspired by a World War I field gun, is a classic drink that embodies sophistication and celebration. With roots in the heart of Paris, this iconic concoction has a rich history that dates back to a tumultuous era. In its classic form, it combines gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and champagne to create a balanced and effervescent delight. But the story doesn’t end there; explore popular variations that offer intriguing twists, allowing you to savor the French 75 in diverse and exciting ways.


Embracing September in Chicago with the “Lake Breeze Cooler”

“Welcome the crisp air of September in Chicago with the Lake Breeze Cooler, a cocktail as refreshing as a lakeside breeze and as sophisticated as the city skyline. If you’ve ever found yourself googling ‘bartender for hire near me’ for that perfect event, your search ends here. Discover the unique blend of cucumber and basil that makes this drink a staple of our bartender rental services in Chicago, and learn how to elevate your autumn gatherings with a touch of mixological magic.”