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How To Make A Balanced Cocktail

Learn a few tips on how to create a balanced cocktail!

The three ingredients you need to make a great cocktail are: A base spirit (like gin or whiskey), something sweet (like simple syrup), and some acidity (such as lemon juice). Once you’ve got those, it’s all about adding complementary flavors like bitters and juices. The best part? With just a few easy steps, anyone can be an expert mixologist at home!

Pick The Right Style Of Drink

When choosing a cocktail, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you should pick a drink that fits the occasion. A margarita might not be the right choice for an afternoon barbecue with friends; instead, opt for something like this amazing gin gimlet recipe (you can also find it in our favorite summer cocktails list).

Secondly, consider how strong you want your drink to be. If you’re having a casual party at home with friends and family members who aren’t accustomed to drinking alcohol, serve them something on the softer side—like this strawberry mojito recipe or these delicious sangria slushies (they’ll still get their buzz without getting completely wasted). You can also save time by purchasing premade beverages from stores like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market!

Finally, think about how sweet or sour you want your cocktail to taste. Recipes ranging from simple riffs on classic favorites all the way up through complex concoctions containing multiple types of liquor will give drinkers more flexibility than ever before when crafting their own signature drinks at home. This cherry pisco sour recipe is one example of an easy-to-make mixed drink made entirely from seasonal ingredients available year round!

If you want to get really fancy, consider making your own homemade syrups or infusions. You can find a ton of recipes online for various alcohols and mixers that are easy to make and will keep for months at a time—like this simple cherry syrup recipe that’s perfect for crafting your own cherry pisco sour!

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