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5 reasons to hire a bartender for your private party


Party planning is stressful, so is dealing with all the tedious details that go into each event. Often times hiring a bartender is overlooked and only until after the party does one ponder “maybe I should have hired a bartender for my event!” Look no further, here are five reasons you should consider inviting a bartender to your home or event.

  1. You get to enjoy your party

I’ve been to and worked at many parties. As a private chef home events are quite common. One thing I have noticed over the years is even at small events the host is almost always stuck asking the inevitable query, “What can I make you to drink?” Even if you are having a small party making drinks for each one of your guests ultimately becomes super time-consuming. Hiring someone to make drinks alleviates this obligation giving you the host more time to spend with your guests.

I think its also important to note that even before guests arrive there are certain things that need to be set up for your home bar. For instance do we have mixers, ice, and other accoutrements to create a drink that a guest might ask for. Have we busted out the cutting board yet and started slicing the citrus? Honestly though, if you are going to entertain guests why not make it easy on yourself and save the time you do have spending with your friends and family?

2. You don’t have to clean up

One of the reasons I often am hired as a personal chef is because my clients are so exhausted from having to cook for their party and then oh my goodness the clean up is almost always this massive undertaking that literally no one wants to do. And I get it. When I am not being paid to clean, my interest level plummets to zero. The same thing is true for making drinks. Sure it’s a little less clean up work but bottles have to be taken out, glassware has to be polished, fruit has to be sliced, shopping has to be done, and that time starts to add up.

A good bartender will be willing to do a little extra as well such as take out the trash when it is full, keep areas clean by wiping down countertops and sink areas, keeping the space organized for success. I always recommend to my clients to have a bartender show up an hour early and stay an hour after the party is over. This ensures that all the small details will be covered and at the end of the night you are not left holding the bag literally and figuratively.

Man impresses a bunch of hoes because he hired a bartender

3. You Impress your friends!

If you want to look extra smooth, have a small party and hire a bartender to host the drinking portion. Bartenders are entertainers and they are knowledgeable about their craft. A passionate bartender who can be fun and spirited while at the same time helpful, will create an unforgettable atmosphere at your party. Hiring a bartender for your friends not only relieves you of a bunch of stress but it makes your friends feel super special.

You might even hear the phrase “oh you hired a bartender, how bougie of you.” Translation: “You are literally the coolest f*cking person in the world.” Did I mention most bartenders create specialty cocktails. Right now as I am writing this we are in the fall season, how does an apple cider moscow mule sound, or a pumpkin old fashioned?” Seasonal specialty cocktail are always a hit at any social event.

4. You can avoid over-serving or under-age drinking

Do you have a few alcoholics running around the friend and family group? No shame there, we all got those. With a responsible bartender you don’t really have to look over your shoulder to make sure uncle Jack isn’t secretly pouring warm vodka into is Evian bottle. You also don’t have to worry about young Johnny sneaking around trying to take shots of Malort of impress his cousins!

Seriously though, making sure your guests are safe and not being overserved is a huge weight off of your shoulders. Sometimes guests overpour by accident and end up consuming more than they would actually like to drink. Sometimes kids get into things they shouldn’t and don’t even realize it. When a bartender is there to facilitate the responsibility of creating a safe space for responsible drinking you are free to actually enjoy the company of your guests.

5. You will know what you need for your party

In the many conversations I have had with my clients over the years I keenly remember the stress in their voice over the “things we need to get for the party.” What about decor, should I have candles, do I need tablecloths, what about napkins.” Worrying about the drinks that will be served at your party is just another piece of the puzzle that can be outsourced to hiring a bartender.

Bartenders have a really great idea of how much alcohol, mixers, garnishes and ice are needed for your party. They are also well educated in what is most popular at parties. For instance tonic water used to be very popular a decade ago. However a bartender of mine recently explained to me with the new found popularity of hard seltzers that soda water has nearly replaced tonic water for mixed cocktails. He also mentioned limes were the most popular citrus and at most of the events he worked limes were used at a ration of about 4:1. Our Chicago bartenders can put together a grocery list for you or purchase these items on your behalf. 

A few final thoughts for you!

Do you need a bartender for your party? Maybe not, but when considering purchasing a service I often ask myself is the money I pay for the service worth the peace of mind? If you love making drinks for my guests, and part of being a host is engaging in the work aspect of the party then I totally think a bartender is unnecessary. But if you want to be hands-off from the work aspect of your party, hire a bartender and enjoy the evening!

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